1 Shamelin Mall is a recreational and friendly neighborhood mall set to create a new trend where we are here for your convenience because our Vision is to create an Affordable Lifestyle & Experiential Destination. Positioned as a destination family mall for sports, entertainment & services with a focus on conveniences for residents in nearby housing estates.

The mall spread over a total gross built-up area of over 1 million square feet over 1,000 stores designed to redefine shopping for the young and affluent socialites to embrace and indulge in a unique experience. We believe and build its core around two main areas where it strives to be the platform for young entrepreneurs and is a mall that meets the needs of the community.

Located strategically within ten minutes’ drive from Kuala Lumpur, the 1 Shamelin Mall is surrounded by a high-density residential area that ranges from apartments, condominiums, double-story houses and also light industrial factories that makes up the visiting crowd at our mall.


Operation Hour during CMCO

1 Shamelin Mall will continue serving the community by providing essential services.

Shoppers may access from Level SB & Travelators, Main Entrance & 2nd Entrance. All cars are requested to park at SB level and Level 1 car park shall be closed.

You may park at Level SB and walk straight up the travellator to go to Lulu Hypermarket for your daily groceries.

For those who wants to go to KK Mart, Health Lane Pharmacy, Old Town White Coffee, Meizen Kitchen & iFurniture.my you may park at the premium parking area at the main entrance all the way to the KK Mart or iFurniture.my stretch to purchase what you need.

Those who wants to go Jalan Jalan Japan may take Lift 2 (Yellow) from Level SB car park.


Level LG
14th – 26th May 2020

Level G
2nd January – 31st January 2020