Abundant Music & Arts

In year 2000, Rev. Simon Chow established the Abundant Music. Subsequently in year 2003, it became a part of the church ministry, and was registered as "Abundant Music & Arts Sdn. Bhd" in year 2007. Our vision is to inspire people to be passionate in music, and to realise their dreams in music. Our mission is to promote more melodic music, to discover more talented music professionals, to sell musical instruments and to establish our own music school. 

In the past 10 years, God has gathered a group of music professionals who have a big dream and strong devotion for the Lord in the area of music. Currently, we have more than 15 administrative staffs and music teachers. By the grace of God, Abundant Music has recorded four albums; has traveled to different churches in Asia to organise various music services and meetings; has established a music centre to teach music; has trained and taught approximately several hundreds of music students, which some of them have made it into the music industry and continuously develop themselves based on their passion in music.