Bodhi Meditation Center

Puti Meditation is an international meditation group founded by Master Jin Bodhi, an initiation out of his immeasurable compassion. Starting at the age of seven, Master Jin had persevered meditation cultivation in the Tibetan highlands for about 18 years, including verbal transmissions from several highly acclaimed spiritual masters. Master Jin not only learnt the techniques of strengthening his physical health - thus achieving a complete metamorphosis in himself physically - but he also attained realisation of the Path of Great Compassion to benefit all sentient beings; hence making great vow of compassion to expound his knowledge to those with affinity.

At the age of 26, Master Jin left Tibet to start his Path of Great Compassion. To date, he has built up a worldwide following of students, with countless having benefitted both physically and mentally. Master Jin’s Discourses on meditation are in-depth, yet crystallising and distilling the essence of the worldly philosophies; and his teachings on how to transcend our destiny and achieve success in life are precious and hard to find. If you have the serendipity to receive such ‘gifts’ of learning, your life will certainly be transformed.

Break away from the torment of physical disease and pain, and bask in the sunshine of a new life again. Puti Meditation, Creating a Healthy and Happy Life Together with You and Your Loved Ones!

Our meditation master looks at diseases with the wisdom of a meditation perspective; apart from infection, heredity and environmental pollution, most causes of illnesses are arising from negative emotions. At Puti Meditation, we learn special meditation techniques which help us in resolving the problems afflicting the physical body, thereby simply and quickly regain our original energy level, thus benefitting many in the shortest time possible. More importantly, at the same time, we are learning how to apply an objective and logical mindset as well as behavioural approach in handling the problems in our daily life. This can help to prevent and resolve many potential illnesses, thus ensuring a resolution of issues at the root. But the truth is this -- mankind suffers illnesses as a result of incorrect perceptions or knowledge.

Busy city folks often feel exhausted and listless, or experience poor quality sleep, a slight loss in memory power; and repeat diagnosis of many cases of allergies, muscle aches and pains are unable to determine the causes. Learning Puti Meditation techniques will enable you to regain your health in a holistic manner.